Fan Construction


Centrifugal Fans as Cross-Industry System Solutions

We build fans in a wide range of variation:

  • pressures more than 20 000 Pa
  • temperatures up to 800 ° C / 1 472 ° F
  • ATEX
  • quiet performance

as part of our delivery profile as well as various material versions and combinations, ATEX-compliant construction and pressure resistant versions up to 10 bar.

  • impeller diameters up to 3 150 mm
  • peripheral speeds up to 220 m / s
  • gas-tight and pressure-resistant constructions
  • high levels of efficiency

For a personal consultation, please contact us at any time.

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Head of Sales Fans

Holger Grebbin

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Sales North

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Stefanie Straeten

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Sales South

Kordian van der Moolen, M. Eng.

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Construction Forms

Other variations may result in accordance to

        • intake
        • outlet
        • impeller size
        • blade angle
        • bearing
        • openings
        • material
        • coating
        • finishing
        • colour
        • isolations
        • covers
        • energy consumption
        • equipment provided
        • monitoring equipment

Optional following system components can be supplied:

        • duct systems
        • dampers
        • isolations
        • silencers
        • expansion joints
        • vane control


VENTAPP fans are essential parts of machineries on the whole world. Industrial consumers from various industries have placed their trust in us for more than 40 years. We offer the ideal solution for your specific requirements. Wether for transportation of gases, dust, fibers and shavings, for  moistening, drying or filtering – explosion-proof, for dirty, abrasive, corroding or aggressive processes, as well as for the high-temperature sector – VENTAPP is your specialist for energy-efficient solutions.



Machinery and Plant Engineering Energy and Environmental Engineering Exhaust Air Systems Chemical Industry Food Industry
Steel Industry Power Plants Textile Industry Coating Sugar Beets
Wood-Processing Industry Energy Production Paper Industry Galvanizing Mushrooms
Drying Technology Gas Extraction Fertilizers Feed
Non-Woven Incineration Plants Coffee
Paper Industry Air-Conditioning Technology
Furnaces Sewage Treatment Plants
Exhaust Purification

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